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Multilingual Library Resources: Library Resources

This is an introduction to the multilingual library resources in the Saskatchewan Public Library System

Multilingual Library Resources

  • Print Books

The Provincial Library and Literacy Office (PLLO) has more than 80,000 books in twenty-eight languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Panjabi, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese. The multilingual collection has fiction and non-fiction materials suitable for children and adults for educational and recreational purposes. PLLO has purchased a significant number of children’s materials to support heritage language teaching and learning in Saskatchewan.

PLLO's current major language collections are in Chinese, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. In recent years, PLLO has been actively developing collections in some Asian languages, such as Arabic, Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu and Persian, to meet the demand of newcomers.

All multilingual books can be searched in the Single Integrated Library System (SILS) and shared province wide. To learn about access to multilingual books, please click here.

Books in English, French and Aboriginal languages are not included in the multilingual collection.

  • Electronic Resources

PLLO started buying multilingual Overdrive eBooks in 2012. As of August 2017, the collection has 3,000 items in Arabic, BengaliChinese, Dutch, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, PersianPolish, RomanianRussian, SerbianSpanish, SwedishTagalogUkrainian, and Vietnamese

PressReader is a database which provides online access to today's newspapers in full-color, full-page format and has up to a 60 day archive. There are more than 1700 newspapers from 92 countries in 48 languages.

Mango is an online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a variety of popular languages, such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and so on. It also has English as a Second Language courses. 

All Saskatchewan public library users can access Overdrive eBooks and PressReader.

To learn about access to multilingual electronic resources, please click here.

  • DVDs and CDs

Saskatchewan public libraries have film, music, and language learning DVDs and CDs in a variety of languages. DVD movies usually have captions or audio tracks in a few languages, and thus can be used by a larger group of library patrons. DVDs and CDs are now shared province-wide. 

To learn about access to multilingual DVDs and CDs, please click here.

  • Newspapers and Magazines

Regina Public Library and Saskatoon Public Library have a collection of multilingual newspapers and magazines. Usually, current newspapers and magazines can only be used in the library. 

To learn about access to multilingual newspapers and magazines, please click here.

Heritage Signs for Libraries



Language collection



إقرأ الكتب العربية مرحبا
Chinese 读 (Read)
读书 (Read books)
中文图书 欢迎!
Filipino Magbasa! Mga Koleksyon sa Filipino Tuloy Po Kayo!
German Lesen Deutsche Sammlung Willkommen!
Russian Читайте (Read books) Российские Коллекции добро пожаловать!
Spanish Lea! Libros en español Bienvenidos!
Thai อ่าน หมวดภาษาไทย ยินดีต้อนรับ!
Ukrainian Українська колекція Читайте Ласкаво просимо!
Vietnamese Tham Khảo Bộ Sách Việt Nam Xin Chào!