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Multilingual Library Resources: DVDs & CDs

This is an introduction to the multilingual library resources in the Saskatchewan Public Library System

Access to Multilingual DVDs and CDs

  • Multilingual DVDs and CDs

Public libraries in Saskatchewan have film, music and language learning DVDs and CDs in a variety of languages. To browse multilingual DVDs and CDs, follow the steps:

1)      Go to your library's catalogue, put a "*" (star) in the search box, and click Search.

2)      In Format, select DVD (or CD); and in Language, select the language collection.

3)      Browse the DVD or CD titles in the search result. 

4)      Request a DVD or CD by clicking Place Hold.

5)     Follow the instructions to complete the request. 

6)     The DVD(s) or CD(s) you request will be sent to the library branch you specified. And you will get a notice via email or phone when the requested items are available for pickup.