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Multilingual Books & Resources at Saskatchewan Public Libraries: Donations

Information for the public and public library staff

Donations Policy

Saskatchewan Provincial Library and Literacy Office

Multilingual Collection Donations Guidelines

The Saskatchewan Provincial Library and Literacy Office (PLLO) accepts donations of multilingual materials using the following guidelines:

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Format – Only print books are accepted.

  1. Age – Donation books should be published in the past ten years.

  1. ISBN – Donation books should bear ISBN numbers.

  1. Conditions – Donation books should be in decent physical conditions suitable for public use. Worn, torn, highlighted, underlined, dusty, dirty or mouldy materials will not be accepted.

  1. Content – The content of the donation books should be in line with Saskatchewan public library collections. For example, materials more suited for an academic library will not be accepted.


  1. Donation books can be dropped off at PLLO and at most public library branches. Please contact your local branch to make arrangements and confirm that they accept donations. 

  1. Public library staff will forward donation books based on the acceptance criteria to PLLO.

  1. Donation books, once dropped off at or forwarded to the PLLO, automatically become the property of PLLO.

  1. Donation books are selected and added to multilingual collection at the discretion of the Multilingual Library Services Coordinator at PLLO.

  1. Donation books which are not added to multilingual collection will be sent to the Saskatchewan Government Community Donations Program.