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Public Library Services for Patrons with Print Disabilities: Patron Registration

This is a libguide for public library staff to learn about NNELS and CELA services for patrons with print disabilities.

Saskatchewan Public Libraries



Kari Zinkhan-Davies

Patron Registration

To register a patron with a print disability, three eligibility forms are available. Click each link to get the registration form:

             a. Self-Declaration 

Generally, this is the form that will be used most often. It allows a patron with a print disability to self-declare that they have a disability that prevents them from accessing traditional print materials and they qualify for the service.

             b. Competent Authority 

Use this form if you have any concerns or questions about the patron’s eligibility. For example, a learning disability is not visible, so you may want to ask the patron to have their doctor fill out the competent authority form.

              c. Institution 

For care homes and special education classrooms, a teacher or staff member mediates the service and rather than having each resident or student fill out a self-declaration form, the staff member/ teacher can sign one form and take responsibility for sharing restricted materials with qualified residents/students only. 


          When you register a patron, please

  1.  explain the eligibility criteria to the patron;

  2.  have them fill out the appropriate form and sign it;

  3.  sign the form as well;

  4.  change the Patron code to print disabled, if the patron has an existing library card. For a new  patron, follow procedures to register for a new card and change the Patron code to Print  Disabled Patron.

The above registration will give a patron access to NNELS service. CELA requires an extra registration for its service. Check here for more information on CELA patron registration.