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Britannica School Edition (Elementary, Middle School, High School) and Universalis Senior

Britannica Encyclopedia Terms of Use

Please review the following terms of use to understand what patrons can or cannot do with information located in Britannica.


Authorized Use of Licensed Materials

EB hereby grants to authorized users:

  • a subscription to access and read the product, and
  • a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to display, download, print and/or make one copy of citations, abstracts, full text or portions thereof from the product in printed or electronic format for personal use. 


To the extent allowed under the Canadian Copyright Act, EB hereby grants a license to authorized users who require the product:

  • for teaching purposes or coursepacks, to make up to one hard copy for each student being taught or make an electronic copy for access by such students, and
  • for the purposes of briefing the registered members of a special library, to make up to one hard copy for each member.


EB hereby grants a license to any library requiring the product for an interlibrary loan, to make one paper copy of isolated articles from its database for use in interlibrary loan to the extent allowed under the Canadian Copyright Act. 


EB hereby grants a license to authorized users for access and electronic transmission of Alternate Formats of all or any part of published works included within the database. Alternate Formats means a large print, Braille, audio or electronic-text copy created or electronically transmitted from published works within the database for persons who by reason of sensory, physical or neural handicap cannot effectively use print materials and persons involved in the educational use of such Alternate Format copies.


Downloading Materials
In the case of School, University and Library Subscribers, Authorized Users may print, e-mail or download content and Materials from the Services only for personal, non-commercial use in connection with the preparation of papers, reports, presentations or scholarly uses.  Authorized Users of Business and Agency Subscribers may use the Services only while present within the Subscriber’s facilities for internal, non-commercial purposes.  In all cases, you must keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in such content or Materials.  Nothing in this Usage Agreement is intended to restrict your “fair use” of the content and Materials in accordance with applicable law.


Prohibited Uses of Licensed Materials

This license does not extend to downloading in electronic or print form, all or parts of the product in a systematic or regular manner so as to create a collection of materials comprising all or part of the product.